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Monday 26th of September 2016


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High Five Netball League (27/1/14)

Well done to the children in Years 4  - 6 (Ellie Smith, Jeremy Krezel, Louis Carberry, Lauren Rogers, Matipa Padzakashamba, Ellie Watts, Jessica Buzzle and Katie Lulham) who represented St Albert's in our second set of league matches.  Once again, the children played against some much more experienced and taller opponents however, they marked extremely well and made some good passes. Thank you for representing our school.


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High Five Netball League (13/1/14)

Leverstock Green   6 V  St Albert the Great 1

It was our first match of 2014 and we were playing high five netball. We were so excited. As we were waiting to play our match we were doing warm ups and put on our bibs to get ready.  In High Five netball you play with 5 players on the pitch as opposed to 7 in traditional netball.  This means that you do not have any 'wing' players and so there is: centre, goal attack, goal defence, goal keeper and goal shooter.

We got into our positions and the whistle blew for a Leverstock Green centre pass.   We were doing well but Leverstock Green won. We tried our best and worked together well as a team.




Football League - Well done to the Year 6 football team (Mattias Morse, Aaron Harburn, Seyi Bankole, Michael Hancock, Oliver Chubb, Nathan Tavernier, Stephen Saunders, Evan Masters and Malique Abbas) who played a very competitive game last Friday against Belswains School.  I am proud to say that all the boys worked well together as a team and were unlucky to go home at the end defeated.  We have two more league games and I am confident that, going on our past team commitment and enthusiasm, we can secure two wins to finish mid table.

Our next match: St Albert the Great v Holtsmere End - Friday 7th February. Kick Off: 3.40pm



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